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Say hello to my little friends

November 6, 2008 – 6:02 pm

So the other day I was being a good girl and editing some new product shots of shirts when BOOM, my poor computer died. It’s currently at the doctor…there are holes in the hard drive or something technical that I don’t understand. All I know it’s been a while since I’ve done a backup so I hope I don’t lose too much. :S Luckily Michael has a laptap that I can use…but there’s only so much work related stuff I can do on it. Fingers crossed my baby gets fixed soon!

Anyway, figured I’d use this downtime to introduce you to the 2 furry employees of Sick On Sin – Soya Sauce and Miso. Those names will be familiar to those of you who read Orneryboy.

We adopted Soya Sauce (aka Sauce) 5.5 years ago. He had been at the Humane Society for a year. Poor kitty! He was described as very vocal and cranky, however whenever we went to see him he was quiet and well-behaved. Surprise surprise, it was all an act – he is sooooo vocal. He cries and bitches constantly! Most of the time he’s trying to get Michael’s attention, who he’s obsessed with. His other fave things include: carbs (esp pitas), chasing string, rolling around in dollar bills, sleeping in the sun, and having his chin scratched. His special skills include: opening cabinet doors (usually when he wants to spite us), cleaning up Miso’s barf, and organizing the papers on my desk by pushing them all to the floor.

Soya Sauce chilling out.

We adopted Miso on Feb 14 2004. We had been talking about grey kitties and happened to stop by the Humane Society and there he was. He had been hit by a car and had suffered head trauma and had one of his top canine teeth broke off. He was still one of the prettiest cats I’d ever seen. Miso is super kooky…when he’s not off sleeping, he is running around with SUCH beans. He’s also very dog-like in the way he plays. His fave things include sitting in boxes, watching my newts, sleeping on the windowsills, and practicing stealth attacks on unsuspecting toy mice. His special skills include: vomiting (often of the projectile variety), beating Sauce in their wrestling matches, and his unrelentless desire to get up into the rafters in the laundry room so he can go exploring in the basement ceiling (which happened once – not fun).

Miso grinning. :)

8 Responses to “Say hello to my little friends”

huxley says:
November 29, 2008 at 1:35 pm

Hey, everything alright with Michael? It’s been so long since the last update on his blog on Orneryboy. I can understand feeling burnt out so it’s not asking him to keep drawing but he should know that he is missed by his fans (at least this one!)

Orneryboy will always be one of the very best web comics!

Amanda says:
November 29, 2008 at 2:15 pm

AWWW!!! Those cats are so adorable. I LOVE cats so much, but I’m deadly allergic to them. If I even so much as touch near my eye after petting a cat, my eye swells up and folds over itself when I look to the side. EW!
But I wish I could have 20 of them. They’re so funny! Hooray for blog!

I hope Michael comes back as well! I miss Orneryboy, and reading about my favourite character – Soya Sauce!!! (He often appears as my avatar)

Jessica says:
December 4, 2008 at 12:07 pm

SICK ON SIN BLOG! Nice. Just noticed this! HOORAY!

jen says:
December 5, 2008 at 11:42 pm

Huxley: Yeah, michael has just taken an extended break from the comic however hopefully he’ll get back to doing it soon (he’s been really busy with work and such). I’ll pass on your kind words to him! :)

Amanda: Haha, thank you! Yeah, people are such fans of Soya Sauce…maybe he needs his own blog! That sucks about your allergy – ew, folds over itself?!?!?!

Jessica: HAHAHAHAH funtimes!!!

Jen Ward says:
December 7, 2008 at 1:34 am

Congrats on Sick on Sin’s three-year anniversary! I wish I could buy something but I’m dirt poor right now. I hope to get some Christmas money because I definitely need more undies with cute animals on them. :) I hope you and Michael are doing well. Tell him I said hello.

Marika says:
December 7, 2008 at 11:34 am

Your kitties are adorable!! Sauce reminds me of my batzy (a.k.a batz maru). I love my dogs, but cats rule! LOVE your merch – visited your booth at the Toronto veg fest this past summer, awesome :)

Marika says:
December 7, 2008 at 12:06 pm

…I forgot to mention that I’m adding a link to your site to my blog (in both the ‘scrupulous shopper’ section and as a banner) – I’m always happy to show support for a great store such as yours, especially a local one, yay!

jen says:
December 7, 2008 at 8:41 pm

Jen: Thanks!! Hope you are doing well! :)

Marika: Thanks so much for the links and kind words! I just checked out your blog – looks great! Mmm lots of yummy treats! Saw your recent post about Farm Sanctuary – I actually went there for their Turkey Celebration event a couple weeks ago. I meant to post about it but didn’t get a chance to yet (I put some some photos here though: Aww Batz Maru – that’s a great name – I have always joked about calling a pet Hannah Maru. :)

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